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2014-12-14 10:13:03

Summary: Michael Kors Canada continues to grow in the first half. In the first half of the financial year 2014-15 ended September 27, and the American luxury brand's net profit grew 45.7 percent to 3.1421 billion euros ($ 395 million), the turnover of the same period reached 1.591 billion euros.
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American fashion brand Michael Kors release 2015 early autumn series LookBook, the season series still follows the same simple fashion style bags, while the integration of a variety of fashion elements, the interpretation of the beauty of simple and comfortable fashion.
In addition to Michael Kors Handbag could "out of the hall," the same as Karmen bucket bag with a silver snake with a black dress is the same eye-catching! And in recent days, fashion bloggers aimee song Enjoy the trip to Dubai, the michael kors Leopard Tunic dress, which is truly attractive style, let the fashion bloggers aimee song together experience the unique atmosphere of the city now. Although for many years been accused of plagiarism, but Michael Kors sales have increased rather than decreased. Selma handbags divided in three medium and small number of this Michael Kors Michael Michael Kors Vice-line brand, not only beautiful and durable every season there are different colors and materials to choose from, deeply loved actress, supermodel Miranda Kerr, Bieber and his girlfriend United States Freaky Jessica Alba have repeatedly carrying it out to the streets. This bucket bag retro trend back to the stage for several quarters, many luxury brands have a classic bucket bag, but to be on the price Michael Kors absolute win. Price of less than 3000 will be able to receive a high-quality large-capacity joker handbags, supermodel who love it, you definitely affordable.
United States and Canada over the same period same-store sales growth of 29.8% and 10.8%, respectively. But the second quarter is the best performer in Europe, turnover increased 108.6%, same-store increase reached 41.1%. Michael Kors outlet Europe accounted for nearly a quarter of global sales reached 1.8924 million euros. CEO John Idol Michael Kors very happy, "we once again produce excellent results, either turnover or profits are recorded over 40% growth. This rapid growth reflects our strength in all business and global markets, we will the continued expansion of the international market. "

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